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“Check out the bullet hole front left front side of the engine just above the wheel
Elvis had problems with the electric window working so his shot a hole in the fender and engine.
We don’t know to this day where the bullet ended up”
The photo was taken during the car promotion evening back in the 1980’s
Phil left his beer at the front of the Cadillac ,lower left
The car was gold painted with a leather black trim roof, adjustable steering and front wheel drive
Phil never drove the Cadillac but he did sit in the same driving seat as Elvis and reminisced about his songs and movies
“This photo is at the villa of Phil and Johnny Mac an Aussie entertainer who purchased the car from his estate
Phil was given the job of promoting the car by Johnny who wanted to sell the Cadillac
Elvis had 16 Cadillacs when he passed away
This was his favourite because Priscilla his wife drove this car into MGM to pick Elvis up after filming
When Elvis finished his Vegas shows on some occasions he would fly to Memphis and
He would drive his Cadillac down the Memphis Highway with a police escort front and from behind
Elvis shopped about 3am in the morning and tipped all the shopping centre staff who served him
The car was eventually sold to a Sydney panel beater for an undisclosed amount
The photo has rested at the villa and is still there today
Check it out and see for your self
Rest In Peace Elvis