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Villa House Rules


During your stay we will supply you with 2 sets of keys one should be kept with you and the other in the letterbox as a back up.


Please make sure the security gate is closed when you leave and when you arrive back.
This will keep out stray dogs.
Leave outside lights on at night.
Make sure front lights are left on during the night and off during the day.

No smoking inside the villa please.


No pets allowed.


We have supplied an electric vacuum cleaner, mops and cleaning material for you.
Make sure the kitchen area is always clean as well as the toilet areas.
Clean toilets don’t attract mosquito’s so we have provided disinfectant in both bathrooms.
Rubbish can be removed to the end of the street when suites (look for yellow bins).
Please keep floor clean inside the Villa.
Please keep the bar area clean and there are plenty of glass in the above kitchen cup board.
We have supplied wood polish and leather cleaner under the kitchen sink for bar cleaning and leather lounge cleaning.


No gas is supplied but if need you can cook with gas under the carport area only is permitted.
No gas to be used in the villa for cooking in BBQ area is ok.


No wild parties that may upset the neighbours.

Air Con

Make sure air cons are turned off when leaving.


Extra linen and pillow covers are stored in the small room cupboard.


No running on the pool patio area.
Please water the plants if needed.


We have supplied a stock of frozen foods for you in the fridge freezer.


Wash towels separate from general cloths and use plenty of fluffy.
We will supply a limited stock of washing powder and fluffy for you.
We have a large supply of soap parcels in both bathrooms and other gift items.
There are 2 fold out cloths units to dry clothing.
It is recommended however that pillow case, bed covers, towels and heavy sheets be laundered at the local laundry as they will come up fresher and cleaner.
The laundry is just around the corner is very cheap.